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3 Ways Couples Can Celebrate Their Original Wedding Date

If your wedding celebration had to be postponed due to the coronavirus, or really any personal matter, then there are still ways you can make your original wedding date special for you and your fiancé. The day should be filled with happiness, so it is important to do what makes you happy. If you want to get married at the courthouse or over Zoom on your original date, then go for it. If you want to hold off on your nuptials until the new date, then it’s important to do what you want and not listen to outside opinions. Your celebration is for you alone. 

Here are three examples of how you can make your date special, but of course, always do what suits your best interest!


  1. Spend The Day Surrounded By Loved Ones

If it is important for you to share your original wedding date with your family and friends, then organize a safe and small gathering with less than 10 people. This could be in the form of a backyard BBQ where all attendees feel safe amongst each other. Turn on some music, enjoy each other’s company, and ask a family member to make a toast to the joyous occasion.

  1. Romantic Meal For Two

 If you want to keep your original date a special day for just the two of you, then it’s okay to ask others to give you space. If your original wedding date falls in the next couple of weeks when restaurants are not open for dine-in, then you may want to opt for a candlelit dinner at home or a romantic picnic in a (spacious) park. You can order a meal from your favorite restaurant, pick up a small cake, and drink champagne to do a mini recreation of your would-be wedding. 

  1. Weekend Getaway

If you feel safe to travel and your state is open for non-essential travel, then it may be an excellent time to take a break away. You have been at home long enough and getting a little break is good for the soul. You and your spouse-to-be can relax at a hotel or Airbnb and take the experience as a mini-honeymoon before the actual wedding day.



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