5 Day Of Wedding Essentials

5 Day Of Wedding Essentials

The week leading up to your wedding day is extremely exciting and as the nerves are kicking in, it is natural to have your mind begin to race through all the details you may have forgotten. However, just remember that you have it all covered and there is no need to panic! Here are the 5 day of wedding essentials you need to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.



  1. Emergency Kit 

Bridechilla oh shit kit

This one and done emergency kit is super handy to have as you and your bridesmaids get ready. Little things can get lost in the shuffle, so if you can’t seem to find that bobby pin or earring backing, then this little Bridechilla Kit has it all. Like your trusty MOH, this kit has your back. We recommend this kit for the bride-to-be and all her bridesmaids!


  1. Crystal Clear Carats

Crystal Clear Carats On The Go Ring Diamond Cleaner Pen

Even if you have brought your diamonds to the jeweler for a proper cleaning before your big day, you will want to give all your gems an extra shine on your wedding morning. That is why we created the Crystal Clear Carats jewelry cleaning pen, allowing you to have a perfect last-minute touch up to rings, earrings, and necklaces. Pop these pens into your bridesmaids’ gift bags for a sweet gift, and all can indulge in a little something blue for the memorable occasion. 

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  1. Loungewear

 Plum Pretty Sugar womens pajamas

A comfy essential for your wedding day is a silky robe and cozy slippers. These will ensure you don’t get unwanted makeup on your dress before the day has even begun. Start the day in a white robe with matching sets for your girls. They are a great essential for both photographs and functionality.


  1. Handkerchief

 Happy Tears Handkerchief

With all the emotions running through you during this special time in your life, it’s best to keep a tissue or handkerchief on hand to avoid a makeup fiasco as the tears come running down. We like this special handkerchief from Bold Faced Goods, however, Etsy has options to purchase custom handkerchiefs as well. 


  1. Champagne

 Champagne Its NBD

Image via Instagram

Last but not least, a little bubbly to calm the nerves is an absolute essential for your wedding day. While we don’t recommend having too much, it’s best to enjoy a glass or two over a couple of morning hours to take the edge off before walking down the aisle to your love.




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