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5 Things To Do When Wedding Planning Is Stressing You Out

“Planning a wedding is easy,” said no one ever. 

Whether the stress of planning a wedding is caused by budget limitations, people-pleasing, or a toxic person in your life, it can be really tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and consumed by too much drama surrounding what should be the best time in your life, then keep reading as we have 5 tips on what to do when that murphy’s law anxiety takes over.


  1. Hire A Reliable Wedding Planner

If the sheer thought of planning a wedding is already bringing you to tears or causes tension with your future spouse before you have even started, then it is time to hire a specialist. Wedding planners cost a pretty penny but at the end of the day you will be more at ease and it may just be the best money you ever spent. If you go this route, then make sure you are hiring someone reliable who can take the stress of your shoulders. Ensure they can handle simple tasks and are a great people-person. If you have to mediate between family members or your bridal party, then you can have this person be the messenger.


  1. Split The Work

Enlist your fiancé to take on some of the load. It’s not fair for the bride to do it all and be responsible for fielding every single question that comes the couple’s way. There are two families coming together for the momentous occasion so two people need to be responsible for planning this day!


  1. Take A Break

No matter how long or short your engagement is, it is important to take a break. Do not spend every single day focused on your wedding. This behavior will drive you and everyone else crazy. If you have a decent amount of time before the big day, then allocate 1 day per week to planning. Keep the other 6 days to focus on work and maintaining your friendships! Your friends have important things going on in their lives too, so ask how they are doing.


  1. Take Up A Hobby

The average couple is engaged for 14 months and wedding planning should not be your only hobby or out of office activity during that time. That is over a year of your life where you could learn something new. You will be better able to reduce stress and manage wedding anxiety if it is not the only thing on your mind. So go for it – try rock climbing or a new dance class, make pottery, or start a business! Make sure you are productive with your time and get some endorphins in your system.


  1. Stay Away From Toxic People

If there’s that member of your family, bridal party, or friend group who is just causing more drama than you can bear, then just ignore them. This is a moment in your life that you deserve to be happy and you cannot let anyone infringe on that. Create some distance and spend time with happy people who lift you up.


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