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How to Care For Your Smells Like I’m Getting Married Candles

Written by Olive W.

Amid all of the wedding planning and frustrations, we brides-to-be mustn’t forget to attend to habitual self-care. A simple way to lift your spirits is to light one of our beautiful candles from the Smells Like I’m Getting Married candle collection — each candle consist of 7 oz. of an exquisite 100% natural soy wax suited for the perfect pamper session.  With hints of dreamy florals and undertones of decadent sweets, the Smells Like I’m Getting Married candles capture the unique blend of fragrances that make weddings special. Our candles are a friendly reminder to unwind and enjoy your wedding planning (even through all the ups and downs). 

Here are our top 10 tips to care for Wedding Cake, Champagne & Peonies, or Garden Ceremony candles:

  1. Trim your wick frequently -- it should only be approximately ¼ inch in length
  2. Invest in a candle snuffer & a candle trimmer 
  3. Store in a cool, dark, & dry place
  4. Cleanliness is more important than ever, even with candles. To clean the glass, use a paper towel with a little coconut oil and carefully wipe the inside -- do this only when the candle is not burning and completely cooled off 
  5. Try to keep the candle in a single space when lit to prevent the wax from becoming uneven and creating waves
  6. Do not burn for more than 4 hours
  7. Do not store in direct light 
  8. Place on a heat resistant surface when burning
  9. Use a q-tip to collect dust and debris from the wax before burning
  10.  Avoid burning candle all the way down to the bottom of the glass
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