How To Delegate Like A Pro During Your Engagement

How To Delegate Like A Pro During Your Engagement

Even if you are a master event planner or hostess with the mostess, planning a wedding is a whole other ball game. Unlike most events in your life, when you plan a wedding there are people in your life who will challenge your opinion or assume you don’t have one and try to walk all over you. As a bride, it is important to remember that you are the CEO of your wedding! You need to stand your ground on your wishes and kindly remind your opposer (MOB, FMIL, MOH, etc.) who is in charge. They will learn that you have boundaries and know which buttons not to press.


It’s not being a bridezilla,

it’s called standing up for yourself


At the end of the day, you need to execute your vision and you can kindly include people in your day by delegating tasks that you need done. When they give their unsolicited advice, they usually just want to be involved. A safe course of action is to thank them for their suggestion, state that you have long decided you are going with your direction, and offer for them to help you execute your plan if they would like to help. 

For example, let’s say your FMIL adamantly tells you that you must serve salmon at dinner when you and your fiancé both hate salmon. You can handle this by stating, "While salmon sounds lovely, we both have decided that chicken would be a more appealing dish for our guests. We could use some help with printing the dinner menus, would you have time to help us with that?" Your new mother-in-law will be proud to help in some way and now you have one less task on your list.

Delegating is important because planning a wedding isn’t easy and there are usually more events than just the wedding day itself. With welcome drinks, a rehearsal dinner, and post-wedding brunch, there are more events to coordinate. This gets to be a lot, so it's important to assign tasks to your families and bridal party for your sanity. It’s, also, important to delegate tasks that can be easily completed, such as picking up signage from Kinkos or ordering donuts for a brunch. Don’t delegate tasks like picking out floral arrangements because the person in charge may have a totally different vision than you do. Choose safe tasks to delegate that will make your life easier.

This art of delegation will ease your stress levels. When you give other people a role, it should help you focus on what is really important – the act of marriage to your sweetheart.


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