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How To Pull Off A 2020 Wedding

Weddings are still on the calendar for many couples because states are continuing to allow these events at a reduced capacity. If you are the type of bride who has been engaged long enough or is just sick of postponing for the 4th time, then there are some precautions you should take in order to pull off a successful 2020 wedding.

Because no one wants to be responsible for spreading COVID-19 in the middle of this pandemic, it’s important to do the best you can to limit the spread while still making the most of your wedding day.

Here is what you can do:


Cut The Guest List

First and foremost, you need to limit your wedding guest list to what is allowed in your respective state. If your limit is 50 people, then do your best to stay below this to exercise proper caution. You may have to keep your wedding to immediate family and the bridal party only. If you have smaller family sizes and can invite friends, then just remember to bring your guest list down to the most essential people who you can’t celebrate your day without. The benefit of this is you can exclude the random 3rd cousin and say no to plus 1s you don’t actually like.

Wear A Mask

While we feel it’s not ideal to wear a mask at the altar, you should prepare to wear masks after the ceremony when moving about and speaking with family members, especially those that have come from out of town and haven’t quarantined. To ensure the safety of your guests, you can post signs to remind guests to follow your safety precautions. Your guests will go off the energy and vibe you put out, therefore, if you and your new spouse show caution by wearing a mask, then your guests will follow suit.

Stay 6ft Apart

A highly organized seating chart will ensure the 6ft rule is followed. During the ceremony and dinner, you will want to group people of the same household together. Keep these seats 6ft apart from other guests. While it can be difficult to get to know new family members under these regulations, you are showing your new family a sign of respect by keeping their health a top priority.

Air Hugs Only

Sadly a 2020 wedding may mean that your only person-to-person contact is with your new spouse, but that’s OKAY too! Give an air hug, a wave, or maybe an elbow bump to your family members.

Sanitization Stations

Keep your guests feeling comfortable with a couple of hand sanitization stations or personalized mini bottles of hand sanitizer. Give everyone a reminder that you can still have some good clean fun at your wedding.

Enjoy The Beautiful Outdoors

If you had planned for an indoor ceremony, speak with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to change the location. You may need to provide heaters once the temperature drops in the evening, but outside is much safer and in most cases provides a more beautiful backdrop for your evening reception.


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Have you gone through with your 2020 wedding? Share any other tips you have in the comments below!

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