Meet the Beauty Tool for Your Jewelry Collection

Meet the Beauty Tool for Your Jewelry Collection

You wash your face, you get a manicure for your nails, but what about your precious jewelry?! Crystal Clear Carats is the item missing from your jewelry box. The hard truth is your jewelry is not as clean as it looks. From everyday wear, your jewelry’s surface becomes covered with millions of bacteria. Most often, bacteria will build up behind the jewelry setting and your beautiful gemstones will start to dull and lose their shine.

Crystal Clear Carats helps to beautify your accessories and make them look brand new. With a simple click, our natural cleaner and brush applicator works to wipe away dust, dirt, oils, lotions, hairsprays, perfume, and makeup that can live on the surface of your favorite accessories. We recommend this tool for a quick daily use in order to live your life with a little extra sparkle! Keep it in your jewelry box, your car, and more importantly your purse for those daily touch-ups.

How To Use:

  1. Take the pen out of the exterior tube and remove the cap.
  2. Your new pen will need about 20 clicks the first time you use it in order to get the cleaner liquid onto the brush. All future uses will only need about 1-3 clicks to dispense the cleaner.
  3. Next, brush thoroughly on top of and behind your jewelry setting.
  4. If you have an excess of liquid on your jewelry, then you may want to wipe the jewelry with a polishing cloth. Keep in mind that a polishing cloth is not required or absolutely necessary in order to use Crystal Clear Carats.
  5. Put the cap back on and store in your purse for the next time you need to brighten up your day.


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