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Self-Care Sunday Rituals

Sunday scaries are no fun. Before we break into the grueling work week ahead, Sundays are our last opportunity to give ourselves that extra bit of love in order to alleviate our minds and bodies from stress. Holding onto stress can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings. Thus, brides have been graced with the term ‘bridezilla’ when they demonstrate these signs of stress. When our bodies hold onto stress, it increases the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in our bodies, which can also lead to overeating and cause our bodies to store fat. This is bound to cause even more stress for a bride on a mission to fit into her wedding gown. 

Issues always come up during wedding planning and when you practice self-care, you can tackle any problem. To bring a sense of calm into your life, you need time to work on yourself. Everyone practices self-care differently because we all have our own priorities. Some of our favorite self-care Sunday rituals include a morning barre class, followed by a mani/pedi appointment, a healthy meal with a girlfriend, and a bubble bath in the evening. This may also include a glass of wine with our future spouse (when it’s not dry January).

Finding the self-care practice that will allow you to improve your mental and physical health is essential to help you remain calm during the trying months of your engagement. So, make time to discover these practices and turn them into your new self-care Sunday ritual. You will conquer any problem that comes your way in the week ahead.

We would love to know your favorite self-care Sunday rituals! Leave a comment below.


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