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Simple Tips For Dealing With Demanding In-Laws

Written By Guest Editor: Kristie Jones

During the planning phase of your wedding, sometimes one of the more stressful aspects of the planning process is trying to find a way to meet a middle ground when dealing with your demanding in-laws. Sometimes when planning a wedding, it can bring out the worst in people. Everyone wants things to go as they envisioned, and of course everyone wants things to be perfect on your wedding day. Here are several tips on ways to deal with those times when your in-laws become more demanding, and add more stress to an already sometimes stressful situation.

Always try to be as understanding as possible. Most parents have dreams of how they think that their son, or daughter’s wedding day should be. After discussing the situation with your fiancé, try to arrange a meeting with your in-laws to discuss their input and ideas. Let them know that you appreciate their ideas, and will put them into consideration. Make sure to let them know that you have specific visions about how you want your wedding to go. Also let them know that you and your fiancé have discussed these visions, and are working together as a couple to make those visions come true.

Try not to take everything to heart. We all have our own opinions and ideas. Some will give their opinions regardless if asked or not. Tell them that while you appreciate their opinions, you will be sure to involve them in some of the planning. For example: Once you’ve decided on a caterer, send them a copy of the menu to let them know what is going to be served that day. That way you are setting boundaries. Keeping them involved to a certain extent, but also letting your in-laws know that these are ultimately you and your fiancé's decisions to make.

Lastly, always remember that these people are now going to be a permanent part of your family. They care about their son, or daughter’s happiness. We all have our own opinions about how things should or shouldn’t go. But at the end of the day it’s important to find a way to make your special day about you and your fiancé's love for one another. Because of your love for each other, you are two different families now becoming one. Your wedding day will be one day out of many. This will be your family for life. Don’t allow simple disagreements to cause lifelong effects. Instead enjoy making new memories that you can look back on years down the road and smile fondly on.
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