Step By Step Guide To Postponing Your 2020 Wedding Due To Coronavirus

Step By Step Guide To Postponing Your 2020 Wedding Due To Coronavirus

2020, you have absolutely not gone as planned! Since each day is a guessing game of how soon we will be back to ‘normal,’ it is imperative to plan for the possibility that large gatherings may not be allowed through the end of the year. For 2020 couples that have planned a large wedding in the next few months, the safest decision is to postpone to a later date where you can safely and comfortably enjoy your dream wedding day with all of your guests. If you have planned for a smaller wedding, then keep an eye on the CDC and WHO’s recommendations for group gatherings. You may be able to proceed with your wedding as planned, but in any case, it is best for all couples to prepare for the worst.

Here is the best course of action if you need to postpone your 2020 wedding –

  1. Speak to your wedding planner or venue first

As soon as you feel your wedding is in jeopardy of not moving forward, contact your wedding planner to discuss a Plan B. If you do not have a planner and your venue is handling most of the logistics, then contact your venue coordinator to determine your options for postponement. As most venues do not want to risk a possible outbreak of coronavirus at their venue, they should be easy to work with. Ask to hold a backup date and determine with your venue if that backup date needs to be in 2020, or if you can and want to postpone to 2021. Keep in mind that it is up to you and your fiancé as a couple to decide when you want to get married and how much longer you want to wait to tie the knot.

  1. Pick several possible dates

When postponing, you will need to be somewhat flexible because most vendors are booked up 1 year in advance, so fall 2020, winter 2020, and 2021 dates will be tricky to find. Ask your venue to give you a few available backup dates within a certain timeframe so you can touch base with your other vendors.

  1. Contact vendors to secure your new date

You should have your wedding planner reach out to all vendors to inquire on their availability with your list of potential backup dates (if you are without a planner, you can do this too). Sadly, you may not be able to keep 1-2 vendors if certain backup dates are more important to you. It is our hope that vendors will return deposits, however, we understand it is not an easy time for their businesses either. Be considerate and flexible as your vendors are people too. 

  1. Tell your immediate families and bridal party

After you’ve settled on your Plan B logistics, communicate with your families and bridal party about the new wedding details.

  1. Reschedule additional reservations

Your venue and vendors for your wedding should be your top priority. After that date is secure, contact any hotels, restaurants, or bars you have booked for your additional wedding events and adjust those dates to your new wedding weekend.  

  1. Mail Change The Dates 

Now it’s time to notify your guests. You can contact family and friends via phone or email, but it is best to make sure everyone is aware with a Change The Date postcard or Paperless Post flyer. 

  1. Update Invitations

If you had previously ordered invitations, it is time to update those as well. Companies, such as Minted and Zola are offering discounts to those who need to reorder with their new event details. Send those out approximately 2-3 months before your new wedding date to get a final headcount as your guest list will likely change a little.

  1. Relax 

Now that your postponement planning is done, it is time for you to decompress. Don’t worry that your original plans didn’t pan out; your new wedding day will be even more special. At the end of the day you are marrying your #1 person and that is what really matters.



Keep in mind that these next few weeks and summer months will be telling for the couples who will need to postpone their wedding and when. In times of crisis, it is important not to argue or put the blame of this global pandemic on others. Listen to your government policies as they relate to COVID-19 and always adhere to CDC and WHO guidelines.


Stay happy, your day will come.
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