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Stress-Reducing Tips For Brides-To-Be

Brides are absolutely stressed for a variety of reasons – people-pleasing, family dynamics, finances, and let us not forget the biggest stressor of 2020 – a worldwide pandemic. With the right self-care, brides can get a handle on the issues in their life and get back to being the happy person that they are.

Here are a few stress-relieving tips to help you alleviate anxiety and make 2020 your year!



Working out is not only beneficial to those that plan to shred for the wedding. It’s important to release endorphins and bring those feel-good hormones back to your brain. Exercise will help relax your body, help you sleep better, and provide mental clarity.

Reduce caffeine consumption

Those multiple cups of coffee a day can get to you if you overdo it. Caffeine can increase your body’s levels of cortisol (stress hormone), leading to weight gain and moodiness. You’ll want to avoid both of those things on your engagement journey. While we feel the pain of missing a morning cup of coffee, it is better to limit consumption if you are feeling extra stressed.

Take a break

If you stop focusing on your wedding every day, then you can stop focusing on the associated problems with it. Remember that it is okay to take a break. Make sure to take care of your work, friendships, life at home (get those chores done). Wedding planning doesn’t have to be done all at once. If it gets tough, then you can even take a trip out of town. 

Spend time with happy people

An important way to keep positive energy in your life and reduce stress and negativity is to keep positive people in your life. The company you surround yourself with will affect your mood, so it is important to ask yourself if your friends are lifting you up, are they supportive, are they fun? Spend time with people who make you laugh instead of those that make you on edge at every encounter. 

See a therapist

Speaking with a therapist doesn’t always have to be a last resort. It is important that you don’t let your stress bottle up inside. Vent to a therapist if you feel you need more precise action steps with how to handle your exact situation.


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