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The Bridal Self-Care Box Is Launching Soon

Are you feeling anxious, confused, defeated, or beat up? As a bride myself, I have been there. Your mind and body can experience many highs and lows during your engagement, so I started The Mine Company to create a support system designed just for you. When something goes wrong whether it is related to wedding planning or an issue with a family member or friend, we can feel as if our world is falling apart. Our mission at The Mine Company is to help keep your worries at bay and remind you of how much you glow when you are actually happy. When you focus on your own well-being, you will absolutely shine on your wedding day. So brides, it is time to get your glow back.  

To help bring back the joy to your engagement, we are excited to share that we are bringing you a Bridal Self-Care Box full of premium wellness items! You deserve to be the happiest bride on the planet, thus, you need to prioritize self-care. This box is your reminder to get some rest, take a bath, light a candle, nourish your body, and clean your diamonds. Trust us, it works wonders for improving your mood. 

The Bridal Self-Care Box will include our Beauty Sleep Eye Mask, Bridal Glow Vitamins, Bouquet Toss Bath Bomb, Crystal Clear Carats Jewelry Cleaning Pen, Honey It’s Time To Detox Cleansing Body Bar, Wedding Cake Candle, and a mini bar of MAST Lavender Chocolate. Because, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

We are working day and night to get these incredible products in stock, so you can have a box in your hands as soon as possible. If you are as excited about the Bridal Self-Care Box as we are, then go ahead and add your email address to our pre-order list here. No payment information will be collected, just your name and email you want us to reach out to. By joining our list, you will get a sneak peek at our products and early access to our box once it is available. This box is expected to be available for pre-orders on February 1st, 2021, with shipments going out at the end of the month.

As always, thank you for supporting our small business. Your purchase helps us flourish and reach more brides in need of self-care. 

Cheers to you!

Kerry, Founder



The Bridal Self-Care Box is now in stock. You can place your order here.

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Yay! Welcome, Jodie! We’ve added you to our email list. You’ll be the first to know when you can pre-order the box and when they are expected to ship. xoxo


New here!!!! Interested for myself and daughter!

Jodie Lankford


Xnita juriel

Thank you, Jenielyn! We’ve added you to our email list so you can be the first to know about when the box is available for purchase. :)


This is so sweet, id appreciate one :D

Jenielyn Harder

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