What COVID Has Taught Us About Wedding Guest Lists

What COVID Has Taught Us About Wedding Guest Lists

Written by Olive W.

Planning out your wedding guest list can be a tricky feat -- not to mention figuring it all out during a pandemic!  Having to sit down with your partner and evaluate who you value your time with most and narrow it down can be a lot to handle as a bride-to-be!  In a time before covid, there were essentially no limits to the direction your wedding could take and the guests that you could invite. Before March 2020, most couples may have extended an invitation to their coworkers, bosses, high school or college friends that they haven't seen in years, or even extended family members they have never met. This made for average wedding sizes that usually accommodated about 150+ guests -- with some guest counts even reaching into the range of 300-450 people. Nowadays the conditions are a bit different, but we want to remind you that this is still your special day to enjoy with your partner! 

The coronavirus has changed the scope of wedding planning, causing many couples to contemplate how they want to celebrate their special day. Now, due to government guidelines and to account for the safety of all attendees, guest lists are being cut to fewer than 50 guests in many counties or states. In some cases, only 4 people maximum can attend a wedding ceremony. Many couples are wavering between celebrating like this -- minimony-style -- while others are jumping on the idea of an elopement. Doesn’t sound too bad given you would have little to no guest list issues! Navigating through this multitude of limitations and precautions causes much stress for brides and grooms as they have to really evaluate who is most important in their lives and who is worthy of witnessing their marriage. All of these restrictions are really highlighting the importance of staying in touch with your feelings and valuing who you want to share your space with. Even though smaller weddings are a repercussion of COVID, there is much we have learned from planning a wedding in this setting! 

After we have all received the vaccine, weddings will still have changes moving forward. We predict that weddings will be limited to immediate family and close friends -- maybe a few aunts and uncles here and there, but we expect fewer 2nd and 3rd cousins to be in attendance. The benefit for brides and grooms? No more feeling guilty about inviting your boss or supervisor or long lost cousin. This is the day of a lifetime for you and your partner, so please don’t stress over exterior opinions that may cloud your judgement. Also, with fewer guests, you will be saving money in terms of catering expenses and additional rentals, or it will give you the chance to splurge on your honeymoon or wedding dress. Fewer guests at your wedding will also allow you to spend more quality time and visit with those in your life who matter most. Keep it drama-free and embrace ringing in the big day with your close circle! The coronavirus, and really for everyone’s health and safety, is reminding us that the celebration of your wedding is only for those who have been most important to you both in your past, present, and future. So brides, keep in mind that only the essential people in your lives need to be there, and you don’t need to feel bad about it!

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