Why Cleaning Your Jewelry Is Essential

Why Cleaning Your Jewelry Is Essential

As stay at home orders begin to lift, it is imperative that we keep washing our hands and use hand sanitizer as much as possible. Experts advise that regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds at a time is one of the best ways to remove germs and avoid getting sick. Since the pandemic will not be going away anytime soon, we must do our best to limit the physical contact we have with others and various surfaces for the foreseeable future. Regularly cleaning the items you use and wear most, such as cellphones, jewelry, and watches is just as important as washing your hands, because these items can easily pick up germs!

After exposing jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc) to millions of bacteria, gunk can build up on your precious metals and a film can cover your stone’s surface. Ensuring your jewelry is safely clean and germ-free is not only benefiting your health, but it is best for the appearance of your stones and metals as well. A daily clean will restore your jewelry’s brilliance and provide a long-lasting shine. More consistent jewelry cleaning practices will reduce the appearance of wear over time.

We recommend using Crystal Clear Carats daily! This on-the-go method of jewelry cleaner allows you to keep it in your purse or pocket for a quick clean. There’s no need for additional use of running water, polishing cloths, or an old toothbrush. Each Crystal Clear Carats pen has a brush applicator with soft bristles to deeply clean in-between and behind your jewelry’s setting. Keeping your jewelry in pristine condition is easy with Crystal Clear Carats. Save 10% off today with promo code MINE10.

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