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Why Does a Bride Need Self-Care?

It is no doubt that weddings are filled with happy smiles, laughter, and tears of joy. However, it is to our utter amazement that the engagement period is not as harmonious as the day itself. As brides-to-be, we have seen that brides encounter their fair share of issues during the wedding planning process. From disagreements over wedding budgets, venue location, venue date, who is on the guest list, who is in the bridal party, how much white is too much white in a wedding guest’s dress… and the list goes on. As chill and level headed as one can be or appear to be, the truth is the engagement period is emotionally exhausting and drama tends to come out of the woodwork.

The reason for all this stress truly comes down to dealing with a million different personalities. When you think about it, an individual typically deals with a couple of personalities in a day. Add in a wedding announcement on Instagram and Facebook and you have almost 1,000 people you haven’t talked to in years that want to know all about your wedding and believe it is their obligation to give their advice on how you should plan YOUR day. 

When you have finally cut down your guest list to your most loyal family and friends, these people now feel that it is their ultimate duty to insert their opinions on you. As tough as nails as some brides may be, brides are caught in the middle of people-pleasing and it is hard for any individual to tune it all out.

Our best advice - do not take it out on your future spouse, work together to communicate with your respective families, and avoid games of telephone and communicate clearly. Knock the drama out from the get-go and remember to take care of yourself.

When balancing a job, friendships, social life, family life, and planning a special day that you will remember for the rest of your life, it is vital to take time to make yourself happy. You are in charge of your own happiness so it is extremely important to make time to focus on your mental and physical health. Brides need to practice self-care during their engagement so they do not end up crying on their wedding day for anything other than the happy thought of spending the rest of their lives with their soulmate. We know that hiccups happen on wedding days alone, so brides need to stay positive leading up to their special day and not feel that everything is going wrong when the florist is running 5 minutes late. Remember, everything little thing is going to be alright.

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