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Why I Started A Bridal Wellness Brand

Before my engagement, I truly did not understand what all the stress was about in planning a wedding. As a romantic at heart, I always indulged in every couple’s love story. This is what mattered at the end of the day, so why would venues, color schemes, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding dresses be a huge deal? Unfortunately, it only took a matter of weeks after my fiancé got down on one knee for my rose-colored glasses to fade.

I will start by filling you in on the fact that I am an identical triplet. My parents were not expecting triplets but here we are 30+ years later with three identical sisters who have been around each other at our best and our worst moments. There is typically a major sister fight at least once a year because someone gets mad over the fact that the other sister also owns a black leather jacket. Who would have thought this was worth an argument?

We have gone through most of life’s greatest moments at the same time – birthdays, graduations, etc. Throughout our mid to late twenties, each of us began to form a serious relationship with our other half. I was the second of us three sisters to get engaged, and it was six months prior to my sister, Stefani’s wedding. Stefani and her fiancé had a two-year long engagement so there was no stepping on anyone’s toes when my fiancé, Matt, popped the question - or so he thought.

It turns out getting engaged second and at any point before Stefani’s wedding date was not ideal for my sisters. Instead of being happy, supportive siblings, my co-maids of honor transformed into maids of dishonor. From relentless harassing phone calls about my engagement to insulting text messages about my fiancé, their drama and anger did not stop. 

In addition to that, the coronavirus struck and I postponed my wedding by 12 months. My engagement thus far would best be summed up as a combination of “Bride Wars” (which I never signed up for) meets “Contagion.” As one might imagine, I shed many tears. However, what occurred during that time surprised me. After joining countless bridal community Facebook groups, I realized I was far from alone in my engagement woes and I read the stories one by one of selfish family members, long-time friendships that ended, and vendors that were the absolute worst and made brides dread their engagement or the wedding day itself. 

In the wedding industry, I found that there were many brands and businesses out there that made wedding planning easier by solving the problem of where to quickly find a hair and makeup artist, how to make the perfect wedding website, or how to create an online registry. However, there was no business out there that was aimed at helping brides enjoy their engagement when it felt like it was all falling apart. 

Therefore, I made it my mission to bring back the joy to the engagement and deliver self-care to the brides that desperately need it most. I have been working hard to bring brides a complete Bridal Self-Care Box, which will be available in early 2021. This kit includes our Crystal Clear Carats Ring Cleaning Pen, Wedding Cake Candle, Bouquet Toss Bath Bomb, MOH Cleansing Body Bar, Bridal Glow Vitamins, Beauty Sleep Eye Mask, and Lavender Chocolate. You may purchase your bridal self-care box here.

Interested in the rest of our products? Visit our small but growing collection here.

Stay tuned brides, there’s lots more to come!


Kerry, Founder

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