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How To Be A Zen Bride On Your Wedding Day

Okay, we’ve said before that it can be hard to be a chill bride during your engagement because, well, everyone wants a piece of you! While we know it’s tough to get through your engagement without at least some emotional tears shed, we do believe your wedding day will be absolutely magical. These are our tips for your wedding morning that will help you become a confident, glowing bride.


Always Have A Plan

No matter how laid back you are and believe the wedding will be great no matter what, you absolutely need to have a timeline in place. Having a schedule and allowing for some contingency time in between will make your day so much less hectic. When there is a plan for hair and makeup and your aunt is requesting you, you can easily say ‘Thanks for the warm wishes, we’ll catch up later.” Don't let anyone crash your schedule!

In addition to your schedule, part of being prepared with a plan in place is to delegate certain tasks to certain family members or bridal party. Check out our blog How To Delegate Wedding Tasks Like A Pro for inspiration. Having cash tips or any payments due in envelopes and ready to go will greatly help you remain calm instead of setting yourself up for a last-minute rush to any ATM that surely bring you stress.

Get Extra Beauty Rest

Try to avoid scheduling hair and makeup for an early start time. You absolutely need a good night’s sleep before your wedding, so don’t overdo it with extra under-eye cream and opt for an extra hour of beauty sleep instead.

Cozy Bride Vibes

When you do rise from your restful slumber, slip on a pair of cozy slippers, and a silk robe or pajamas. Light a candle, make some tea, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and take a few minutes to center yourself before hair and makeup team arrives.

Write Down What You Are Grateful For

Every day you should remind yourself of what you are grateful for, and your wedding day is no different. Keep positivity in mind and focus on the good in your life by writing down 3 things you are grateful for, either on paper or type it up as a note in your phone. This is something you can save and look back on in years to come. This keepsake will allow you to remember how you were feeling on your wedding morning.

Have A Light and Healthy Breakfast

Your wedding morning is not the time to test your stomach. We’re talking spicy salsa on a breakfast burrito, questionable breakfast sausage, or dairy if you have a slight dairy intolerance. Skip the questionable and stick to foods that are delicious, healthy, and won’t have you saying to yourself ‘omg why did I eat that?!’

Carefully Choose Who You Spend Your Morning With

Your inner circle is highly important, particularly on your wedding morning. Invite the friends and relatives who make you feel most at ease to get ready with you. This is important to get right; you don’t want anyone there who will upset you before it’s time to leave for the ceremony. Have only your best support system by your side. It’s also wise to limit this inner circle. Unless you have a bridal party of 15+ people, this can be quite an overwhelming number of personalities. The fewer the people the better chance you have of protecting your inner peace. To anyone with a personality you just can’t handle, let them know you are at capacity with hair and makeup, and you will see them at the ceremony. It's also completely okay to get ready by yourself! If you are more introverted and prefer a morning to yourself, then don't change for anyone else, babe.

Calm The Nerves

It’s no surprise that you are bound to feel a little jittery before the wedding ceremony begins. If you feel comfortable with a little alcohol on your wedding morning, then make your coffees Irish with a drop of Jameson to help ease your nerves. Otherwise, you may want to opt for a mimosa instead. Either way, it’s no secret a little bit of the good stuff can help calm the nerves and be that extra touch you needed to become a very Zen bride.


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